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Start Your Day Right with a Nutritious Drink

Given the pandemic, it is very crucial to make living consciously a way of life by observing a balanced diet and exercise to have a healthy body and mind. There is a need to look at ways to cope with the current situation and be more vigilant in how we live our lives.

Hence, Amway Malaysia embarked on empowering Malaysians to embrace balance in their lifestyles through a webinar titled "Start Your Day Right with A Nutritious Drink" which took place in December 2021.

Host Che Puan Sarimah (left) with panel speakers Dr Sareena Hanim (middle) and Indra Balaratnam (right).jpg

The webinar was hosted by award-winning Malaysian TV host, Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA) patron and emcee Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim on Amway Malaysia’s Facebook page and attended by Universiti Malaya Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences senior lecturer and deputy director for research, Dr Sareena Hanim Hamzah and consultant dietitian and professional health speaker Indra Balaratnam.

"It is pertinent to look after ourselves in an effort to maintain good health while we are coping with the current situation. As we are constantly faced with the emergence of new COVID-19 variants, we should place great emphasis on observing our health by monitoring our diet and practising an active lifestyle," said Dr Sareena.

While practising a well-balanced lifestyle, we should consistently observe our diet habits to provide sufficient energy and nutrients for the body and avoid overeating, she adds.

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In order to remain active, it is also advisable to do at least 150 – 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week for substantial health benefits.

This also helps pump up endorphins and reduce stress. Hence, we can maintain a balanced lifestyle.

"A healthy diet is also important in supporting our immune system. A good healthy diet with rich nutrition can reduce the likelihood of developing other health issues, such as obesity, heart disease or diabetes," says Indra.

Many people are pursuing a healthier lifestyle by adding protein to their diet. There are various sources of protein such as the natural consumption of protein food, protein supplements and meal replacements.

Protein has been associated with muscle gain, muscle recovery or weight loss.

Protein is a macronutrient for our body and is broken down into amino acids. It is important for growth, maintenance of body tissues, metabolic regulation which helps in maintaining a healthy weight, curbing hunger and speeding muscle recovery, explains Indra. One can find natural protein in meat, fish, egg, tofu, beans and dairy products. Protein also plays a role in increasing neurotransmitters that communicate with our brain to make us feel awake and alert.

Indra says including protein-rich choices as part of our healthy, balanced breakfast can help us feel energised and more satisfyingly nourished.

Malaysians voted the Protein Shake as their favourite morning drink.jpg

Amway Malaysia conducted a social media poll asking Malaysians about their favourite breakfast beverages. It garnered responses from 1000 respondents. According to the results, Malaysians prefer coffee, tea and protein shakes as their morning beverages.

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Sareena says one should have a healthy and balanced diet plan by including protein in every meal besides carbohydrate and other nutrients. Protein shakes can work as a complement to other dietary elements. Constant exercise coupled with healthy consumption habits can also lead to a balanced lifestyle.

Note: This article was first published in the New Straits Times. It is republished here as part of Nutrilite’s Start Your Day Right with Protein Power campaign.

This webinar and the campaign were also covered by several other media outlets.


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