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HEBAT Mama – Nutrilite Supplements for Women

Embrace a 2021 HEBAT Year

2020 has ended and phew, what a year it was! As we move towards 2021, we wanted you to know that Nutrilite ended 2020 on a HEBAT note and recognised those who have toiled and made both their professional and personal lives work amidst all the challenges the year threw – we’re referring to all our ladies, especially our Mamas!

Mama, tackling a 9-5 job and handling your kids and family is a full-time job. No wonder you can’t spare the time to take care of your own health. But that doesn't have to be the case.

The Nutrilite HEBAT Mama eRally was organised to help all the Mama and women in your lives so that they can stay healthy and inculcate a healthy mindset to all those around her too.

Let’s Get This Going

The eRally, fully conducted in Bahasa Malaysia, was hosted by popular local TV host Sarimah Ibrahim on 19 December 2020. A Mama herself, the affable Sarimah kept it short and sweet by saying, “If Mama isn’t healthy, the entire family ends up being unhealthy too.”

Hebat Mama eRally host Sarimah Ibrahim.jpg

The eRally was officiated by Mike Duong, Managing Director of Amway Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, who also announced the 7-Day HEBAT Mama pack and its relevance to mothers and families, especially during this pandemic.

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Happy Mama, Happy Family

In line with the HEBAT Mama campaign, the 7-Day Hebat Mama Pack was introduced for all mothers to kickstart their healthy regimen. The pack consist of 7 sachets/pouches of the BodyKey Meal Replacement Shake, Nutrilite Mixed Probiotic with Chicory Root Extract and the Nutrilite Mixed Fiber Powder.

The pack isn’t the only thing that was introduced under this campaign. A slew of events that included live healthy cooking demonstrations, workout sessions and dance routines were also carried out for 7 days with top experts and speakers. All of this then culminated in the eRally that took place.

As for promotions associated to the pack, in November, ABOs were given to purchase the pack and enjoy 10% PWP savings in total from two favourites – Nutrilite Bio C Plus All Day Formula and Cal Mag D Plus. In December, if you bought 4 packs, you could PWP 1x Nutrilite Mixed Collagen Peptide Drink and enjoy 6.5% savings, which helps one build one’s beauty from the inside out.

During the eRally, viewers gained resourceful health and lifestyle tips from expert speakers Founders Executive Diamond Mazliatul Mokhtar, Diamond Dr Ahmad Wazi Ramli, Founders Emerald Noor Hasrina Bakar, Emerald Sharifah Hashimah Syed Idrus Alhabshi, Founders Platinums Razani Jusoh, Founders Platinum Mohd Zainuri Che Par, and Platinum Nor Adilah Md Rejab.

Founders Executive Diamond Mazliatul Mokhtar 2.jpg

Mazliatul, the first person to share both her Amway and personal insights, said that she has grown with the company as it grew over the years. From the days when she initially started with cooking demonstrations, makeup classes using ARTISTRY and providing consultations to customers over the importance of taking their Nutrilite supplements, Amway has supported her through thick and thin.

A proud mother of three, she said tough decisions had to be made on whether she should be a mother or a businesswoman, but with the right support from her family and Amway, she has come through being successful on both the business and personal front.

Founders Executive Diamond Mazliatul Mokhtar 1.jpg

If there is one key takeaway she has learnt throughout the years as a female ABO, she said it is important to take care of yourself first before looking into the wellbeing of others. Prioritise this and the rest will follow, she added.

As raising a family is always a shared responsibility, Dr Ahmad Wazi and Mohd Zainuri said men, especially fathers in this instance, should play their part by helping with house chores and other tasks, helping with the burden which is often placed on their partners. They added that to maintain a happy and harmonious household, communication between spouses is essential.

The eRally was also organised to be more than just a platform to build and maintain healthy nutrition for mothers and their families. It showed that Amway and Nutrilite aren’t just brands of products one chooses to use; Amway is a sustainable business that focuses on creating successful entrepreneurs.

The eRally was streamed live on Nutrilite Malaysia’s Facebook page to over 26,000 viewers. A total of 25 ABOs were declared winners from mini quizzes, and they walked away with prizes from Pandora, Les Georgettes and Bawal Exclusive.