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ARTISTRY Beauty Talk 2021

In the midst of lockdown, beauty fans hopped online for the ARTISTRY Beauty Talk, celebrating the new ARTISTRY INTENSIVE SKINCARE Blooming Sleeping Mask. Ever at the forefront of the latest skincare trends (especially those from Korea, where innovative products and market-firsts abound) ARTISTRY has added the Blooming Sleeping Mask to its wide range of masks.

Celebrity emcee Nadia Heng got the ball rolling in a discussion with Joanne Chong, Head of Marketing, who explored the K-Beauty trend and delved into the benefits of Cica, a hero ingredient of the skincare industry and of the Blooming Sleeping Mask.

As Nadia pointed out how many people have become complacent in terms of skincare due to a lack of face-to-face interaction, Joanne highlighted the importance of caring for one’s skin, even while working from home and staying in without heading out for events and appointments.

Exploring the benefits of ARTISTRY Blooming Sleeping Mask

Joining the call were Founders Crown Ambassador Eva Wong and Research Scientist Jenny Lee.

Eva revealed the secrets to her youthful skin with several tips on skincare, emphasising the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve a healthier ageless complexion. A long-time fan of ARTISTRY’s various masks herself, she shared her personal experience with the Blooming Sleeping Mask that is so easy to use and a wonderful way to relax at the end of a long day, only to wake up to rejuvenated skin the very next morning.

Next, Jenny further explained the science and technology behind the Blooming Sleeping Mask.

She began by highlighting the importance of getting enough sleep as studies have shown that a lack of sleep can affect one’s physical facial appearance and impact various parameters such as the skin’s hydration levels, the amount of dead skin cells and even the tone and texture of the skin.

In addition, the skin is vulnerable to many external factors including UV rays, extreme temperatures and pollution, which lead to damage, overproduction of melanin and inflammation. Then there are the internal factors like genetics that influence the ageing of cells and increase susceptibility to damage.

Most important in terms of photo-ageing, she adds, is the understanding that damage caused by UV rays continues long after a person steps out of the sun – hence the need for a product that repairs DNA damage caused by previous sun exposure and also prevents further damage.

Jenny then elaborated on the benefits of Fermentia CICA, which when compared to non-fermented Cica is clinically proven to have greater moisturising (increased by 8 times) and anti-inflammation (increased by double) benefits, making it a key ingredient along with AA2G and Chrysanthemum Extract. Thanks to the sleeping mask’s advanced Time Release Technology, the active ingredients are also released continuously throughout the night.

Further magnifying the mask’s relaxing effect is the combination of Nutri-Cert Lavender and Bergamot essential oils brimming with aromatherapeutic benefits. Eva adds on that the accompanying T-shaped massager also optimises the benefits of the mask by stimulating the skin and blood flow.

The group was then joined by Hae Jo, Director of East COE, who professed to using the mask almost every day and encouraged others to do the same. Jenny then revealed how the T-shaped massager was specially developed for a holistic experience and shared an informative video demonstrating different facial massage techniques.

Finally, Eva shared even more secrets – this time on how to grow one’s beauty business by investing in that passion and turning it into an opportunity, boosting sales by being a product of the product and inspiring the next generation of beauty entrepreneurs.