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Amway’s First Virtual National Leadership Conference 2020

The theme for the Virtual National Leadership Conference (NLC) 2020 was ‘Forward Together’.

On 15 August 2020, in keeping with the ‘new norm’, thousands of Amway Leaders gathered in front of their screens simultaneously to attend the first ever virtual National Leadership Conference 2020. Even though the event evolved from a traditional conference to a new format that requires the participants to access the virtual Amway VNLC platform, it was no less exhilarating.

The event started at 7.30pm with an interactive experience at the virtual foyer to explore Amway’s latest offerings and digital solutions. After a short video of our highlights involving ABOs in social media, we started the conference together with a rousing countdown.


The emcee kicked off the exciting evening by extending a warm welcome to all the Leaders, Amway’s top Leaders and the ADAC Chairman. Much to our delight, Doug DeVos, Co Chairman and Board of Director of Amway Corporation, introduced this year’s theme, “Forward Together” in a mesmerising thematic video blast and shared an inspiring message with the enthusiastic attendees. Steve Van Andel, Co Chairman, Board of Director of Amway Corporation, also in his speech congratulate leaders on their dedication, commitment and resilient in this challenging time.


Soon after, Mike Duong, Managing Director of Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, took to the floor to give the opening address and his shared wisdom struck a chord with Amway leaders. Past ADAC members were thanked for their impactful contributions and the new ADAC members of 2020 were also introduced in a short address by the ADAC Chairman.

This was followed by captivating keynote addresses by Milind Pant, CEO of Amway, and Gan Chee Eng, Regional President of Asia and Chairman of Amway China. Their words of encouragement bolstered a new sense of resolve among the participants to aim for new heights despite the challenging circumstances brought on by the pandemic.


The evening continued with insightful updates from the Sales and Marketing teams. Exciting fresh product launches including PURSUE Hand Sanitizer and ARTISTRY 7 Days Solutions were announced by Joanne Chong, Head of Marketing. She also shared exciting news on Nutrilite’s venture into a new space, namely, beauty nutrition, with the Nutrilite Mixed Collagen Peptide Drink, and the future convergence of the ARTISTRY brand with Nutrilite, as well as the upcoming Nutrilite brand campaign which will help pave the way to a favourable business environment for all ABOs.

Meanwhile on the Sales front, Leong Kok Fong, Head of Sales and ABO Experience, focused on the Core Plus+ Early Incentives, including the Bronze Pin, Bronze Foundation Incentive and Bronze Builder Incentive, as well as how new ABOs can earn early income through the Customer Sales Incentive (CSI).

As the suspense mounted for the Leaders, the event rounded up with the main highlights of the event, i.e. the destination for the 2021 Amway Leadership Seminar Alaska Cruise and the 2021 Amway Diamond Invitational Northern Lights for Diamond & Above Leaders. The gimmick was finally revealed and all participants unboxed their VNLC 2020 boxes together and then proceeded to the virtual foyer for a photo session to commemorate the evening.

While Amway Leaders missed the chance to physically catch up with each other, the Virtual National Leadership Conference was nevertheless a wonderful opportunity for them to get the latest updates from the company and explore new digital opportunities. The conference ended on a high note, leaving the attendees feeling excited and motivated to step up and aiming to achieve new levels in their business.