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How to Keep the Air in Your Car Clean

15x Worse than Outside Air

With schools reopening and working adults making their way back to their offices, we'll naturally be spending more time in our cars travelling to and fro. As the driver, you make sure everyone puts on their seatbelt for their own safety.

However, you shouldn’t forget about the safety of the air they breathe in as well. Living in a tropical climate, our first instinct usually is to blast the air conditioner at top speed to ward off the heat on a hot day.

Did you realise that blasting your car’s air conditioner doesn’t just suck up your petrol, it can carry even more polluted air into the car than outdoors? Fortunately, there are some ways to address this issue.

Most, if not all cars have two options for airflow:

  • Cabin Air Recirculation Mode
  • Fresh Air Mode

But what are the differences? Which is better for you?

Cabin air recirculation

Cabin Air Recirculation Mode

Most of us use Cabin Air Recirculation Mode due to the hot weather of our tropical country, but it isn’t always the best option.



  1. Cools down your car interior faster than Fresh Air Mode.
  2. Keeps outdoor pollutants out of your car.
  1. Recirculates trapped pollutants like dust around the car.
  2. Can be depleted of oxygen – it’s the same air you and your passengers have breathed in and out!

Fresh Air Mode

You might be thinking: ‘who uses this Mode in this weather?!’ The truth is, there might be some good uses for Fresh Air Mode!



  1. For those of you who are dusting off your car keys (and car) after a long while, the Fresh Air Mode helps flush out stagnant air from your car.
  2. Are you a fan of durian or sambal petai but hate the lingering odours in your car? Fresh Air Mode ventilates unpleasant smells from your car interior.
  3. Humidity can be your worst enemy when on the road, especially in the rain. Turn on Fresh Air Mode to defog your windows quickly.
  1. Allow outdoor pollutants to enter your car.
  2. Allow outdoor odours to enter your car (stuck behind a garbage truck in traffic? Don’t use Fresh Air Mode!)

So, which Mode is better for you? The short answer is that both Modes are useful at different times. Alternating between the two helps keep the air in your car fresh.

Atmosphere DRIVE

Still not sure which to use? We might have a solution for you! The Atmosphere DRIVE boasts a 99% removal rate of pollutants and has received the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Its combination pre-filter, carbon filter and fabric particulate filter keeps the air in your car fresh, clean and safe.