Test Your Fitness With These 3 Exercises

Get active this month – and remember to fuel up with a protein shake.

Are you looking to get fit? Here are some workouts to try and test your fitness with!

For those of you who have spent more time on the sofa and less time working up a sweat – be kind and patient with yourself when you start your fitness journey. It could take two months of regular exercise for you to see a physical change in your body, so don't get demotivated in your first few weeks.

It's important that as you begin to exercise again, you measure your performance to see the improvements that you're making.

Here are a few basic tests that you can do to assess your fitness:


Walk/jog (cardiovascular)

Depending on your fitness levels and mobility, you can time yourself walking or running for a distance of one kilometre. The aim is that the next time you time yourself, perhaps two weeks later, you can do it in a shorter time.


Push-ups (upper body strength)

Push-ups are a great way to test your strength, as they involve a variety of muscles including back, triceps and shoulders.

  1. Warmup (always!)
  2. Get ready in a push-up position: put your hands and feet on the floor with your arms at shoulder-width apart (for those with lower levels of fitness, rest on your knees).
  3. Perform as many push-ups as you can in a row. Remember to keep your form and not to rush.
  4. Stop when you get tired. Don’t push yourself beyond what you are capable – be honest with yourself!

What were your results? It can be discouraging at first, but don’t give up! Use this initial number as motivation to keep trying.


Plank (core strength)

The plank is a great way to measure the core muscles of your body.

  1. You should be in a push-up position, except with your elbows and forearms on the ground. The idea is to create a perfect line from your heels to your head.
  2. Once you're in this position, time yourself to see how long you can hold it for.

Feed your body the right way

Physical exercise is not the only part of the equation for your wellbeing and achieving your goals: diet is also a huge part. When exercising, your body needs fuel, so make sure you eat foods rich in protein before and after your workout. If you’re not a big eater or are restricting your diet, why not try whey protein supplements?

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With motivation and the support from a well-balanced diet, you'll feel the difference in no time.