Why is Nutrilite Going Behind the Label?

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Why are we Going Behind the Label with Nutrilite?

That is because it involves traceability. This is the ability to follow whole foods or ingredients through their growth, production, processing, manufacturing, distribution and finally delivering that supplement to your hands.

For Nutrilite, which has been practicing traceability for decades to document efficiency, safety and transparency, it means sharing the path a botanical ingredient takes from the certified organic farms to the supplement you buy.

You have the right to know where your supplement and vitamins comes from. You want assurance because these supplements feed you and your loved ones. You want trusted sources, and this is why Nutrilite’s going behind the label matters.

Pure Ingredients

Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and dietary supplement brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms without using synthetic chemicals. That’s not obsession; that’s Purity.

  • Everything about a plant is recorded, from seed to harvest on our farms. We call it the birth certificate of the plant and since we can trace everything, we know it’s pure and uncontaminated.
  • Our farming techniques maintain the health of the soil for a sustainable future. Healthy soil, healthy crops!

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Safe Ingredients

500,000 quality checks every year and every product is analysed at least 200 times for safety and quality. That’s not obsession; that’s Safety.

  • When an ingredient lands on our receiving dock, regulations say we only need to have the paperwork to tell us what it is. But we don’t settle for that, because we want to know exactly what’s going in our products. We pull 60%-70% of our raw materials in every shipment aside for a full test to ensure the paperwork is right.
  • We don’t just rely on our suppliers, we double and triple check once we receive ingredients, both from our own farms and our supplier farms.

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Effective Ingredients

We perform phytochemical fingerprinting to identify ingredients and their nutrient composition, so we choose the best species of botanicals for our products. That’s not obsession; that’s Effective.

  • Our formulations are effective because they provide the correct, balanced amount of nutrients, not extra amounts that will place a burden on your body.
  • We also test for shelf life in a controlled environment to make sure our products maintain the levels of nutrients declared on the label.

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How Does Traceability Help Your Amway Business? You Can:

  • Respond to customer interest in traceability topics like organic farming and safety testing
  • Answer price value questions about Nutrilite supplements
  • Differentiate Nutrilite from competitive products
  • Build trust in you, your business and your products

To sum it all up, we have been around for almost 90 years. It’s no wonder that We are the World’s Number 1.To show you how ridiculously-detailed we are in serving you,go behind our label and view all 9-steps of ensuring the supplement you take is pure, safe and effective.

In a nutshell, THIS IS IMPORTANT because the Nutrilite brand’s commitment to this involves careful adherence to processing, meticulous record-keeping and rigid requirements for handling and cleanliness to deliver effective supplementation. Best of Nature, Best of Science, Best for you and your family.