Doing It The XS Whey

Whey protein — the gym buddy you can’t do without

Bending at the knees, you stack another weight onto the bar. Your arms are trembling and your legs feel like jelly. Sweat drips down your back, your face, your chin — but you don’t feel any of it. You keep your eyes on the prize: pushing for a new record for your deadlift.

Your favourite gym beats are blasting in your earphones. Gripping the bar between your hands, you blow out a breath and lift — it’s effortless.

When it’s all over, you head to the showers for a thorough clean. Your gym buddy comes up to you and gives you a friendly slap on the back.

“Eh, bro, ask you ah,” he says. “How come you’re never tired after lifting?”

You smile and reach into your gym bag for your shaker. You walk over to the water dispenser and fill it, snapping the cap shut and giving it a vigorous shake. “I feed my body the right way.”

He looks at the shaker and tilts his head in confusion. “Whey protein? I also take leh, but next morning I always feel like cannot move.”

“Mine has branched-chain amino acids,” you tell him. “It helps your muscles heal and makes sure you don’t feel so tired the next day.” You open the shake cap and the rich, smooth scent of chocolate fills the air. “I never start and finish a session without it.”

His eyes widen curiously. “What brand do you take?”


XS Whey protein canister

Branched-chain amino acids

Leaving the gym together, your gym buddy is still painfully curious. “So why ‘XS’?” he persists. “What’s so great about brand chain amino acids?”

Branched-chain,” you reply. “They’re super important for your workout. It repairs and builds muscles for you. Stops you from feeling like jelly after you do arm and leg day.”

“Why did you pick this brand?”

“XS is one of the best whey proteins I’ve tried. It has chia seed powder, spirulina powder and 30g of protein in each serving. I feel like the Hulk every time, bro.”

“It smells like chocolate milk.”

You laugh. “Better than chocolate milk! It tastes great and it makes you feel great.”

Your gym buddy sniffs dubiously. “Ya meh? I’ve never heard of XS before.”

“Well, now you have. I’ll share the link with you, la. Try it for yourself! You’ll never know if you never try, right?”