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Founders Executive Diamond Loh Foh Min & Tan Bee Ching

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Founders Executive Diamond Loh Foh Min & Tan Bee Ching


Enhance The Wellbeing Of Those Around Us

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We have been part of the Amway family for over 30 years. For us, Amway offers not just a way to earn an income, but also the freedom to live life on our own terms.

In the early 1990s, we realised the insecurity of running a conventional business when the hotel we established faced an uncertain fate due to certain demands from the landlord. When we met our sponsor San Kee Tong, we not only learnt about Amway’s Sales & Marketing Plan, but also its quality products and positive environment. We wanted to be part of something that could help us gain more knowledge, improve our health and serve as a legacy to our children.

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When we started in July 1991, our two sons were only aged eight and six respectively. Thankfully, the business allowed us to schedule our business activities so we could spend quality time with our children. From a mere income earning opportunity, Amway eventually became a great platform that enabled us to grow on a personal level and plan for a better future.

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We qualified Platinum in February 1992 and were invited to the 1992 Amway Leadership Seminar (ALS) Sydney for the first time. In 1993, we became full-time Amway Business Owners and qualified Emerald in August of the same year. We qualified Diamond in August 1997, Founders Diamond in 2008, and Executive Diamond in 2016.

Throughout the pandemic, our business and income grew rapidly even though we were stuck at home. To date, we’ve qualified for ALS every year since 1992, which is our biggest motivator. The business has also enabled us to regain control of our time. Most importantly, Amway gives us a chance to help people live a better life.

Both our sons have also joined the Amway family. As parents, we are so grateful to be able to build a business that fosters self-discipline, solid principles and positive behaviour; all of which continues to bless our family to this day.

Like many others, we faced ridicule and rejection continuously as we were building this business. However, it’s important to remember that our future success is determined by how we handle these challenges and keep persevering. Continue to sponsor others, make the right choices, and the success you desire will one day be yours.