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Founders Emerald Siti Nor Aisyah & Ahmad Baihaqi Hassan

Founders Emerald Siti Nor Aisyah & Ahmad Baihaqi Hassan

Kuantan |  Siti Syaffurah Mohd Shariff & Ahmad Wazi Ramli

Who would have thought that the Amway business can change the life of a pharmacist and a medical doctor? ,My husband was searching for opportunities to earn a passive income. He came away impressed when he saw that Amway’s reward system is in line with his dreams. Initially, I ventured into Amway business to assist my husband, but later became attracted to Amway’s values.

We believe that egoism and selfishness are the main barriers to success. We share this core value with everyone who wish to join our team and want to achieve their dreams with Amway. The modelling concept is the best concept to adopt. Follow and imitate whatever your mentor says and work with them. Value your team, discover their great potential, build trust and always collaborate with them. We can only achieve our dreams by helping more people in our team achieve theirs.

The most satisfying reward in Amway is the pleasure of enjoying better health and enhancing the financial status of our friends and family. Not only do we produce results, we also provide them with ways to achieve what they wish for. If we can do it, so can you!