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Emerald (Dec 2021)

Emerald Tan Khai Ming

Bukit Mertajam | Loong Thean Tuan

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From young, I was taught that the key to success is to study hard and score good grades. I found out later that it wasn’t all that it was made up to be. 

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At first, I joined Amway to support my upline who happened to be my best friend. I was a small business owner then who knew very little about Amway. One day, I attended an Amway rally by chance and realised the true worth and potential of this business.

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I decided to go fulltime and and built my career with a strong desire to succeed and a never-say-die attitude. I qualified for the Amway Leadership Seminar for the first time at the age of 22 and achieved Sapphire when I turned 24. I managed to qualify as Founders Sapphire and Emerald during the pandemic.

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My gratitude goes to Stacy Goh who introduced me to this business, upline Founders Diamond Loong Thean Tuan and mentors Crown Ambassador Sonny & Guat Hwa Ho. Thanks to all the leaders in my organisation for their continuous support. Let’s make it a habit to set our goals, challenge them and make our dreams a reality! Do not give up on your goal until you have accomplished it!