Get shiny healthy hair for the festive season with SATINIQUE

The festive season is just around the corner, and you know what that means – that’s right, soon it will be party time! What are you waiting for? Call all your friends and hit the mall to shop for your party outfits together; don’t forget to book your manicure and pedicure too.

Once you’ve done that and combed through social media for all the party-pretty looks you want to try, bear in mind that the first step to a great holiday hairstyle is strong and healthy hair. Here’s how you can get shiny healthy hair for the festive season with SATINIQUE:


For soft, moisturised hair

Feeling rough and frizzy? Does your hair look dull and dry? Restore lost moisture from your first wash with theSATINIQUE Smooth Moisture Shampooand instantly improve hair manageability with theSATINIQUE Smooth Moisture Conditioner.


For damage control and colour protection

Colour-treated hair is more prone to damage and loss of its natural sheen. Used together, theSATINIQUE Glossy Repair ShampooandSATINIQUE Glossy Repair Conditionergently repair damage, boost shine and help retain your gorgeous hair colour.


For a voluminous mane

Need to pump up the volume? Lather up with theSATINIQUE Extra Volume Shampooand follow up with theSATINIQUE Extra Volume Conditionerto smoothen tresses without weighing them down, giving your hair that enviable voluminous look.


For dandruff-free tresses

If you’re struggling with dandruff and can’t just shake it off, go for theSATINIQUE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Its botanical blend of avocado and Vitamin E effectively eliminates dandruff, leaving your scalp fresh and soft and your shoulders clean.


For easy-breezy healthy locks

We get it – not everyone has the luxury of time to pamper their mane every day. But who says you can’t have healthy locks with minimal effort? Consider theSATINIQUE 2 In 1 Shampoo & Conditioner, designed to simplify your hair care routine while nourishing each strand.


To fight hair fall

Good things come in threes and the same is true for SATINIQUE’s much loved hair fall solution! Regular use of theSATINIQUE Anti-Hairfall Shampoo,SATINIQUE Anti-Hairfall Conditionerand theSATINIQUE Scalp Toniceffectively strengthens fragile strands to prevent hair fall.


To nourish your hair and scalp

If you want covetable tresses for years to come, it’s important to nourish your hair and scalp regularly. Simply apply theSATINIQUE Revitalising Masktwo or three times a week to repair damaged strands, strengthen hair and restore natural shine.


To get that sleek look

Wash? Check. Condition? Check. Style? Check. As soon as you’ve achieved your desired hairstyle, be sure to keep it looking fabulous. Run theSATINIQUE Straightening Balmthrough your mane to tame unruly hair during heat styling; give new life to your curls with theSATINIQUE Styling Creamfor easy shaping; and smooth on theSATINIQUE Hair Oil Serumfor manageability, softness and moisture.


To add texture

Who doesn’t want luscious locks that beg to be touched? TheSATINIQUE Texturing Matte Waxis essential to create countless looks for party after party as it effortlessly moulds hair into your desired style, giving you texture without that oily appearance.


To repair overnight

When in need of a quick fix, theSATINIQUE Overnight Repair Treatmentcomes highly recommended. This delightful leave-in treatment helps repair severely damaged tresses and split ends while you sleep. Waking up to healthy hair doesn’t get any easier than this.

Have fun caring for your hair and styling it too – happy holidays!