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Introducing the GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste

In our previous article, we learned that in addition to promoting good gut health, probiotics is also beneficial for overall oral hygiene. Therefore, keeping your oral microbiome well balanced is essential for a healthier mouth.

Adding a probiotic toothpaste to your dental care routine is a great way to strengthen your teeth, giving you that dazzling radiant smile. What you need is a toothpaste that not only cleans effectively but also addresses oral health concerns such as gum problems and bad breath.

Look no further than the new GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste! Packed with a revolutionary fluoride formula enriched with probiotic ingredients, make this awesome toothpaste part of your 3-step solution to maintaining optimal oral health.

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Multi-Action Formula for cavity prevention

The GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste boasts a cutting-edge formula designed to combat gum problems and promote overall oral health. Enriched with probiotics, it targets disease-causing bacteria in the oral cavity, effectively eliminating them and inhibiting the formation of pathogenic biofilm to reduce dental plaque.

Double Protect Action for healthy gums

Let’s be clear: the GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste doesn’t just treat the symptoms of gum problems; it addresses the root cause. This fluoride toothpaste features probiotics that effectively prevent dental plaque formation. At the same time, gum protection factors work to relieve gum discomfort and safeguard gum health. Say goodbye to gum issues and hello to a healthier smile!

Invigorating new flavour

Trusted by individuals worldwide, the GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste offers more than just great taste. With a refreshing white tea flavour and a pleasant icy cooling sensation, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean after every brush. Plus, it supports the healthy balance of your oral microbiome, helping to remove cavity-causing plaque with regular use.

Plant-Based Goodness for fresh breath

Experience the long-lasting freshness of the GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste, infused with carefully selected white tea extract for a lingering cool aftertaste. In fact, 95% of subjects agree that it leaves a lasting aroma in the mouth*. Plus, with zero additives and milder ingredients, you can trust that you’re using a product that’s gentle yet effective.

REMINACT Fluoride formula for stronger teeth

Formulated with REMINACT fluoride, the GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste promotes tooth remineralisation and strengthens enamel to effectively guard against tooth decay. In fact, studies have shown that it increases tooth surface hardness by an impressive 118.32%*, giving you the confidence of a healthier, stronger smile.

Free of harmful additives

Effective yet safe for daily use, the GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste is free of parabens, alcohol, peroxide, sugar and animal-derived ingredients. You can brush with confidence, knowing that you’re using a toothpaste that prioritises your wellbeing.

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With its innovative formula, refreshing flavour and proven efficacy, the GLISTER Multi-Action White Tea Toothpaste is the ultimate solution for achieving a healthier smile. Say goodbye to gum problems, cavity-causing plaque and harmful additives – and hello to a brighter, more confident you. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!

* Consumer testing: Conducted by Shaanxi Biocell General Testing Co., Ltd