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Founders Executive Diamond Mohd Hilna & Azilila

Founders Executive Diamond Mohd Hilna & Azilila

Taman Bukit Rambai | Harun & Murni

Change Your Work Culture To Change Your Future  

I’m from Ramuan China Kecil, a remote village in Melaka. My mother was a rubber tapper while my father was a labourer. They struggled to raise the 8 of us. From a young age, I thought I could improve my family’s living conditions by studying hard and securing a good job.

Growing up in Meru, Klang, Mohamad Hilna’s father was a lorry driver and his mother did various jobs to support the family. I met Mohamad Hilna when I was studying dentistry at Universiti Malaya. We graduated in 1997 and got married the following year. I worked in a government clinic, while he worked in a private clinic.

Even though we both earned a comfortable income, it was not enough for us to provide as much as we wanted to our parents and children. Our monthly expenditure just kept ballooning. This forced Mohamad Hilna to start some side businesses. However, they all failed and we were saddled with huge debts.

In 2001, we signed up as ABOs because we wanted to buy Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus. We remained as mere consumers until the end of 2004 when all of Mohamad Hilna’s conventional businesses hit a dead end. That was the turning point that lead to us starting our own Amway business.

We worked tirelessly to build our network. We committed ourselves to 3S1M (Selling, Sponsoring, Servicing, Meeting) daily for at least 2 hours per day after work. As a result, we achieved Platinum in 2006, Founders Platinum in 2007 and Emerald in 2008.

In 2009, I became a fulltime ABO as Amway has given me the freedom of time, money and choice. I have always wanted to be a fulltime mother to our 4 children. Moreover, we have an autistic child who needed our full attention.

In addition, Amway has also offered us fully paid trips to see many beautiful places around the world like Alaska, Osaka, Dubai, Paris, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Vienna and many more. We have travelled to over 30 countries so far. Ironically, we had never thought of travelling on our own before we embarked on this Amway journey.

We achieved Diamond in 2012 and lived a comfortable life and was financially stable. We had more time for our family and, most importantly, we could make better choices for them.

Our next dream is to help more ABOs achieve a better life. Hence, we set our sights on achieving a higher pin. In March 2019, Mohamad Hilna sold his clinic to take our Amway business to the next level. Exactly one year later, our country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, we continued our mission to build more leaders in our organisation so that they too can achieve their respective dreams. We achieved Founders Diamond in June 2021, and both Executive Diamond and Founders Executive Diamond in August 2021.

For that, we would like to thank Amway Malaysia, Founders Double Diamond Harun & Murni, Double Diamond Tajuin & Nun, and above all Founders Executive Diamond Abdul Aziz & Saleha for their guidance. Also, our heartfelt gratitude to Founders Crown Ambassador Khoo Chong Kok & Tracy who taught us a lot about patience in leadership.

Congratulations to all the leaders in our organisation. You deserve all the success and dreams that you have achieved for yourself and your family through this business. If we can change the work culture in our organisation, we definitely can change our future.

Change your work culture.

Change your future.

Success is a journey, not a destination.

We will work hard to help more people achieve their dreams.

"Making The Right Choice Is Better Than Working Hard. See You At The Top!"