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Founders Emerald Tan Kingsly & Ng Wen Yi

Founders Emerald Tan Kingsly & Ng Wen Yi

Tampin |  Lee Jia Chang & Tan Yi Wen

I signed up with Amway to support my good friend during my internship. After attending an Amway meeting, I decided to build my own Amway business. I was then completing my last semester in university. After I graduated, I decided not to be an employee. Instead, I chose to build my Amway business fulltime.

Coming from an ordinary family, I wanted the freedom to control my own life. I learn that through Amway, I can achieve this goal. From that realisation, my Amway business became one of my top priorities in life.

I achieved Platinum one year after my graduation and qualified for the Amway Leadership Seminar the following year. In 2020 and 2021, I achieved Founders Sapphire, Emerald and Founders Emerald together with my wife. The growth of our business despite the challenging times has me convinced that the Amway business is truly pandemic proof.

For all that, we would like to thank our sponsor and leaders who have inspired, taught, guided and supported us throughout our Amway journey. Amway is a business that allows dreamers to ignite dreams! Amway makes it possible, we make it happen! See you at the top!