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Emerald Napisah Kaharudin & Bakhtiar Kahare

Emerald Napisah Kaharudin & Bakhtiar Kahare

Selangor | Raziffah Laily & Ahmad Khairi

Our journey with Amway started with us purchasing an iron to ease our housework when our children started schooling. Beyond the appliance, we soon learn that it was a great business opportunity, matched only by a wide range of high quality and award winning products.

With guidance from our mentor, we familiarised ourselves with the entire range of products. We purchased and used the products before sharing it with the people around us. We also learned to conduct demonstrations with Nutrilite and ARTISTRY products. Even though we faced various obstacles, especially in terms of time as we were still working fulltime, we experienced an increasing demand for Atmosphere SKY and MINI as more people prioritised their family’s health and became aware of the need for clean air.

We are grateful for the 2 pins we achieved this year, Sapphire and Emerald, and for the support of our team. Every business has its ups and downs, but the most important thing you must do is to persevere. Our big why was our desire to build a business that can be inherited by our children. We hope you’ll pray for us in our effort to achieve our next pin. We pray for the success of all ABOs.