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Founders Diamond and Executive Diamond Ramachandran & Devaki

Founders Diamond and Executive Diamond Ramachandran & Devaki

Kota Kemuning | Jayasilan & Rajeswary


Hold On To Your Belief No Matter What 

In November 1989, we signed up as ABOs for the third time. I was a young mother of 2 and was working as a nurse, while Ramachandran was a traffic police officer. I wanted more time with the kids, so I resigned from my job 4 days after being introduced to the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan. This year marks our 32 years as ABOs. Thanks to Amway, we have travelled to more than 25 countries via the Amway Leadership Seminar.


Ever since we achieved Diamond in 1998, my late husband wanted to aim for a higher goal. However, when he fell seriously ill, we decided to prioritise the family. We didn’t give up though, and continued to build the business. We even organised meetings and seminars despite his declining health. 


In 2019, when he passed away, I decided to uphold his legacy and wanted his name to be in the limelight once again, 22 years after we first achieved Diamond. My children Emerald Shalini Devi Ramachandran & Yuveneswara Murti and Founders Platinum Sharen Ramachandran joined me in this quest. 

Dedication, sacrifice and commitment were the 3 pillars which helped grow this business throughout the pandemic. We made it happen with the support of our leaders throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. With teamwork, anything is possible. 


When we started this business, the Internet and mobile phones were in their infancy. Growing the business consisted of house meetings, face-to-face seminars, one-to-one briefings, servicing and follow ups. We had our fair share of challenges. We’ve also had people who gave up and claimed that the business doesn’t work. But we persisted and kept looking for new opportunities and people. 

Today, not only do people better understand the values of the products, it’s easier and more convenient to share knowledge with our ABOs. With the widespread adoption of social media platforms, this business is literally at your fingertips. If we can sustain our Amway business for 32 years, I’m sure you can too! There is no risk in starting a good future. Taking responsibility for your future is the first step to success. 


I would like to thank my husband for always being there for me. As a dedicated husband, father and leader, he is the reason I continue to build this business with my children. Despite his illness, he remained positive and nurtured the children to embrace Amway. He had complete faith in the legacy of this business and that his future generation will be provided for. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Amway Malaysia, Singapore and Australia for their support, as well as our team members for their amazing hard work and not forgetting our sponsor Emerald Jayasilan & Rajeswary for introducing us to this amazing business.