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Emerald Muhammad Sofian Abdullah & Rafidah Bulat

Emerald Muhammad Sofian Abdullah & Rafidah Bulat

Bukit Mertajam  |  Mohamad Rosli Saidin & Jamilah Osman

We were introduced to Amway 6 years ago. It started with a video demonstrating the use of a kitchen appliance; that’s how I came to know my upline Diamond Mohamad Rosli Saidin & Jamilah Osman. From there, I was invited to be part of a chat group and eventually to participate in various programmes. To this day, I have never missed attending any meetings or programmes.

We are just like you; we started as consumers, before signing up as distributors and doing our part to share the benefits of Amway products. We shared this opportunity with anyone who wanted to change their life, enjoy extra income as well as travel for free. We travelled with Amway to Hawaii (2017), Hokkaido (2018), Dubai (2019) and Alaska Cruise (2021). This year, we are aiming to qualify for Istanbul.

We are aiming to achieve the Diamond pin and qualify for Diamond Invitational Athens & Santorini. Millions of thanks to our mentors Diamond Mohamad Rosli Saidin & Jamilah Osman, Founders Double Diamond Shahrul Fahmee Abdullah & Mazliatul Mokhtar and Founders Double Diamond Abdullah & Mariam. Finally, stay true and always focus on your big why, God willing, your dreams will come true.