Nutrilite’s 7 Most Loved Supplements!

Soy Protein Drink

(Original, Mixed Berries, Green Tea & Delicious Chocolate)

Maybe it’s the 3 delicious flavours or maybe it’s because the high-quality protein and amino acids from natural sources that are great for energy levels, muscle growth and helping your body repair and maintain itself, no matter what stage of life you’re at. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and is low in fat and cholesterol.

Soy Protein Drink

Each flavour is formulated individually and as a result there is a slight variation in the protein content of each variety.

Soy Protein Drink Soy Protein Powder Mixed(Green Tea) Soy Protein Powder Mixed(Mixed Berries) Soy Protein Powder Mixed(Delicious Chocolate)
Serving Size One Scoop(10g) Two Scoops(23.5g) Two Scoops(23.5g) Two Scoops(24.2g)
Protein 8g 8g 8g 10g

Bodykey Meal Replacement Shake

(Chocolate, Vanilla & Café Au Lait)

A fantastic supplement for those looking to manage their weight, all 3 delightful flavours contain a carefully formulated blend of 25 vitamins & minerals to give you a nutrient-packed meal in a glass. Despite containing only 120kcals this shake still manages to provide you with 5g fibre and 6g protein per serving.

Salmon Omega Complex

Salmon Omega Complex

Norway’s waters are known for being the perfect environment for healthy salmon and that’s why we go beyond industry standards with our state-of-the art processing to extract and preserve their Omega-3 goodness and use it to create a product that will help you maintain overall good health while known to be especially good for your eyes and brain.

Mixed Probiotic With Chicory Root Extract

Keep your gut healthy with 5 hero strains of colony-forming good bacteria! Resistant to stomach acid and bile with an added 1g of soluble fibre, this helps the 6.3 billion healthy bacteria flourish while they keep the bad bacteria under control. The bacteria also arrives alive & sticks to your gut preventing bad bacteria growth.

Cal Mag D Plus

Containing calcium and magnesium from organic NutriCert-certified calcified seaweed from the pure waters of Icelandic fjords and blended with lanolin-derived vitamin D to aid absorption, this supplement can be an essential part of maintaining strong and denser bones.

Bio C Plus All Day Formula

Bio C Plus All Day Formula

Just 1 tablet is enough to provide 500mg of vitamin C as well as additional phytonutrients all sourced from a range of citrus fruits and the powerful acerola cherry which we harvest at peak potency on our certified-organic farms. The slow release formula gives the body time to absorb and use the nutrients and ensuring none are wasted helps to give you a stronger immune system.


Packed with 12 vitamins, 9 minerals and 17 signature phytonutrient-rich plant concentrates this all-in-one supplement provides a solid foundation for excellent nutritional health. By providing energy and extensive antioxidant coverage it helps the body’s natural response to cellular damage while also being good for the heart, brain, eyes, skin, bones and immune system.

Our loyal customers trust these products and continue to use them time after time, that level of trust can only be achieved by delivering the highest quality all the time. Nutrilite supplements have been helping our customers feel great for years and they can do the same for you too!