Personalised Your Own Skincare Routine

If you’re accustomed to the most basic skincare regime (wash, tone, moisturise) it’s time to take it up a notch. We’re talking deep cleansing, stimulation, massage, exfoliation – all of which will prime your skin for optimum absorption of precious skincare ingredients.

This means all the goodness from your serum and moisturiser can penetrate far deeper beneath the surface of your skin, delivering nutrients and active ingredients where they are most needed for better results and a more beautiful you.

Am I not doing enough for my skin?

Is your current beauty routine not giving you the look you desire? It could be due to the fact that most key ingredients found in many skincare products stay only on the surface, failing to penetrate deeper into the most important areas of the skin.

Time to consider a more advanced method for maximum benefits.

Electro frequency currents: Making new waves in skincare

Skincare devices and treatments that use electro frequency currents massage and stimulate skin cells. This provides noticeable effects on the skin:

  • Removes impurities deep inside pores
  • Optimises absorption of skincare ingredients
  • Encourages moisture retention
  • Reduces dullness for glowing skin
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Minimises fine lines and wrinkles

Can I do it myself at home?

Sure, you can get professional results outside of a clinic. It is convenient, costs far less, and all you need is the right device.

The ARTISTRY Dermasonic produces a 30,000Hz ultrasonic vibration that allows it to penetrate deep into pores with bubble jets to clear away unwanted residue. It effectively removes an extra 35%–38% of dead skin cells and rough keratin for brighter, glowing skin.

Besides that, its Derma Ion Galvanic function gently stimulates and massages the skin, helping to boost the penetration of key skincare ingredients. Derma Ion refers to the positive/negative ion current that helps skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin, at the same time stimulating and massaging the skin at a micro-level for overall improvement.

Sounds great! What should I use it with?

Your favourite ARTISTRY skincare products, of course! Designed specifically for use with ARTISTRY skincare products, the ARTISTRY Dermasonic pulses with seven different modes. Each mode uses varying electro frequency currents for different effects on the skin:

  • Clean Up mode for deep cleansing
  • Vitamin C mode for enhanced penetration of active ingredients (Vitamin C)
  • Hydrate mode for increased skin moisture
  • Radiant mode for improved skin tone
  • Lift mode for lifting
  • Wrinkle mode for anti-wrinkle
  • Signature Select mode – a special vibration pattern for use with any ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT Personalized Serum combinations