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Make A Good Impression

Promote And Expand Your Amway Business Presence Within Digital Communications Standards

To be a successful businessperson, potential customers and prospects need to know you exist! You might have a presence on your own social media channels, or you might hold regular presentations.

If you want to spread word of your business further, consider being active on social media, and by doing so, promote yourself as an Amway Business Owner. The Digital Communications Standards (DCS) are there to help you run your Amway business in the digital space – the right way.

Separate Sales Channels

Amway is fully aware that among the 3 million ABOs worldwide are a vast range of interests, social activities, pursuits and passions. However, every ABO must be aware that mixing any non-Amway topics with the Amway business must still be done within the guidelines laid out for DCS.

So, if you own and control what is known as “blended digital property” with a crossover of your business and personal interests, such as a discussion forum, please note that it is fine to communicate with interested parties about Amway products or brands through these channels.

What is not allowed is selling Amway products this way – even if you use such a channel to sell other, non-Amway items or services. This conflicts not only with DCS, but may also conflict with legal terms for many social media and online platforms. Amway sales must always be independent of any other types of sales.

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Attract The Right Way

Another DCS rule is that, in order to attract new prospects or customers, never style your business as a mentorship, lifestyle coaching or equivalent – Amway is a direct-selling business and should not be positioned as any other kind of business opportunity.

It is also strictly forbidden to associate Amway or its products with any digital properties that are controversial. These include sites for gambling, investment schemes, tobacco or even alternative medicine.