From Passion To Profit

A wise person once said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” The same can be applied to working with customers: if you share what you love and come from a place of generosity, connection and helpfulness, you won’t have to push to secure a sale.

If you’re wondering exactly what that looks like, you’re in luck. We’re here to offer you five simple tips on how to connect, combine products, make an impression, talk price and turn your passions into profits:


1. Seek to listen and connect

Look deeper to understand customers. What are their lifestyles like? What kinds of things do they need, or would they find helpful? Are they trying to live a healthier life? Are they family-oriented with a love of cooking? Look for the things your customers have in common – and which experiences, interests and passions you share with them. Then ask questions to deepen your understanding. For example, use a simple online poll to identify needs and concerns, and consider how you might address them.


2. Get personal

Don’t list every product and every benefit you can think of. Instead, select products that suit customers’ lifestyles. And, when speaking about benefits, cater them to the individual needs of your audience. Remember your poll? Put the results to good use and combine them with personal stories and testimonials to address specific needs in an authentic and personal way. And remember, when using social media, always follow the DCS.

Tip: Create and post short how-to and real-life videos, for a personal touch.


3. Bundle it up!

A good idea to show customers that you understand and care for their unique needs is to create a personalised bundle. Start by introducing them to simple and easy-to-understand products. For example, Nutrilite Bio C Plus All Day Formula to strengthen immunity. Adapt the way you talk about the products, based on the season or circumstances, making the benefits you mention applicable and accessible to your customers.

Next, think about complementary solutions, including products from other categories, which might appeal to customers’ individual needs and lifestyles. For example, if your customers are concerned with healthy living, maybe in addition to Nutrilite products, mention the eSpring Water Treatment System or Atmosphere SKY

If they’re busy people who want to look good with minimal effort while maintaining their diet, then maybe Nutrilite DOUBLE X as well as ARTISTRY STUDIO Bangkok Edition Mascara Base Primer and ARTISTRY STUDIO NYC Edition Lash Boosting 3-in-1 Mascara might be just the combination they’re after.

4. Create an experience and share the love

Seeing is believing, so don’t shy away from allowing customers to experience the products for themselves. Use your personal experience and be genuine and authentic in sharing your passion in a relatable lifestyle context. Bring samples and offer inside tips on how to get best results. Let your customers interact and have fun! Then, continue the conversation by engaging with your community on- and offline.

Tip: Share valuable content, such as posts from Amway, Nutrilite or ARTISTRY social media and official Amway web pages!

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5. Talk price (but no pressure)!

Don’t be afraid to address the elephant in the room. Although price can be a sensitive topic, it’s an important one to broach. Not to mention that if you conceal the price from customers, they’ll notice that something is being hidden or assume that the product is expensive, which risks dissolving trust.

When addressing cost, make the price reasonable and relatable – particularly for big-ticket items. One way to do this is by explaining the relative cost over a long period of time. For example, when talking about eSpring you could demonstrate that besides delivering a long-term saving potential, it’s also an investment in your wellbeing and the preservation of the planet. However, while price is important to closing a sale, do not force people to purchase, particularly if in a group setting. Instead, follow your customer’s lead and nurture the relationship.