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Sapphire (Feb 2021)

Sapphire Azlinda Ashari & Mohd Hamzah

Shah Alam | Ahmad Syukran Idris & Nazlee Abdul Aziz

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I signed up with Amway after listening to Founders Executive Diamond Abdul Aziz & Saleha sharing about nutritional healing and Nutrilite supplements. As a medical doctor, I was very impressed with Nutrilite’s certified organic farms and the number of scientists Nutrilite has.

We started taking Nutrilite supplements and soon our family's health improved. We love attending the home meetings at our upline sponsor's house and learning about all the amazing Amway products. Soon, we became 100% users.

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We gradually understood the potential of the Amway business and decided to build it seriously. It came at the right time as I decided to stop working to spend more time with my 5 children, while my husband concentrated on his career as a heart surgeon. Our Amway business gave me the freedom of time to care for my family and an income that was double my salary as a doctor in the government service.

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Amway is truly an amazing opportunity for everyone who wants to build a better life and future. We thank the Al-Mighty God that we made the right choice.

Sapphire Lias & Mewah

Melaka | Mohd Hilna & Azilila

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When we had a break in 12 years ago, my husband signed up to buy the Amway Home Alarm System. Our sponsors Hazry Abu Hassan and Rozita Mat invited him for a meeting but we turned them down.

One day, I received a call from our upline Diamond Azililah. I was excited because a professional wanted to get to know me, a housewife. That lead to us attending our first centre meeting; and we’ve never missed any meetings ever since then.

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We qualified Platinum in 2012, but didn’t know how to grow the business. We finally achieved Founders Platinum in August 2016 and qualified for the 2016 ALS Mediterranean Cruise.

We missed ALS Hawaii and ALS Hokkaido because I didn’t know how to calculate the ALS points. Eventually, we qualified for ALS Dubai. In 2020, we qualified for 2020 ALS Sydney.


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We are very grateful to Diamond Mohd Hilna & Azililah for their guidance. Our children are also in the business, their pins ranging from 6% to Ruby. We aim to end our 2021 fiscal year by achieving Emerald and Diamond in 2 years. A good system begets good leaders.