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Diamond Choo Kok Leong & Choon Lien

Diamond Choo Kok Leong & Choon Lien


Set A Big Goal To Rewrite Your Story 

“There are many opportunities in life. The key lies in whether you’re smart enough to grab those opportunities.”

Before joining Amway, I was a tile setter, while Choon Lien was a sales promoter. Thanks to our sponsor, we managed to rewrite our story and changed our life.

Back then, we felt worthless with only small dreams to cling on to. With nothing to lose, I decided to go fulltime in Amway and treated it as my lifelong career two months after I signed up. My wife did the same, and we became a fully committed husband and wife team.

When people asked if we were concerned about failing, I told them that if we set a big goal, it would make our problems look small and manageable.

When we started, we didn’t have a good educational background, our own transport or even any connections. What we did have was a strong will and the courage to face our setbacks with a smile, while keeping a firm eye on our goals and working towards achieving them.

We became even more determined to succeed each time our family and friends poured the proverbial cold water on us. We’re living proof that when you persist, you’ll eventually remove doubts from others. I’m also grateful to have a devoted wife who is willing to go through the tough times together.

Choon Lien says, “Our business journey has been rewarding and fruitful. We have achieved the freedom of time to fulfil our dreams, as well as be in the company of good mentors and friends. We owe our success to every person who helped us along the way as well as the nurturing support from our organisation which enabled us to rewrite a new chapter in our lives.” 

Thanks to Amway, we have created wonderful memories in various parts of the world including Gold Coast; Beijing; Los Angeles; Alaska; Vancouver; Seoul; Las Vegas; Ada, Michigan; Mediterranean Cruise; Sydney, Australia, and more. Last year, we qualified for trips to Greece and Istanbul, Turkey, as well as Alaska once again.

We would like to thank our sponsor Soh Kim Lee, Diamond Ler Ban Kwee & Goh Ah Lak, Founders Crown Ambassador Charlie Lee Kim Soon & Linda Ng Kwee Choo. Not forgetting our mentor Crown Ambassador Siew Fang & Celia Wong as well as all our fellow ABOs.

Hold on to this belief as you build your Amway business, “Winners never quit, quitters never win.”