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Diamond Annie Yean & Macx Lim

Diamond Annie Yean & Macx Lim

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Are You In Control Of Your Life?

I used to work part-time jobs in my teenage years to earn extra pocket money. Back then, my wages were only RM4 per hour. That was when I realised that I was trading time for money.

On my 18th birthday, my elder brother gifted me an Amway Starter Kit and I signed up without understanding what the business was about. Although I attended ARTISTRY’s beauty and makeup workshops, I wasn’t interested in the business.

That changed when I attended the New Amway Business Owner meeting, which was an eye-opening experience for me. I learnt that Amway can help me realise my dreams of being successful at a young age, travel around the world, enjoy freedom of time, etc. That’s when I decided to build my own Amway business.


I qualified Platinum at the age of 21, followed by Founders Platinum at 22. Being invited to the 2019 Amway Leadership Seminar Dubai was a fantastic reward. Through Amway, I’ve travelled to 18 countries and I am on my way to realising my dream of travelling the entire world.

My husband used to run a conventional business and was so dedicated to his career that his health was affected. He signed up to buy Nutrilite supplements and began to see results after taking the products for several months. Soon he realised that building his own Amway business could help him gain a steady passive income and financial independence.


I’ve often been asked whether building an Amway business is worth the effort. My answer is a definite ‘Yes’. I only spent 3 years doing so before many of my dreams started coming true. So why not give Amway a try?

Hard work alone isn’t the way to achieve financial security. It is more important to make the right choice. Work smart and choose to be your own boss. Don’t let others take charge of your life.

Your own mindset will determine whether you’re the one in control or not. Discover the true potential of the Amway business and build an extraordinary, carefree life.