Weight Management & Energy: Digital Assets

15-Days BodyKey Guide

If you think you can’t change your lifestyle to manage your weight without a personal trainer and your very own chef, think again!

Make the most out of our comprehensive meal and exercise plan, right here.

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XS Energy Drink

Here at XS, we're all about giving you that XStra push of energy from a combination of natural fruits / other delicious flavours and B-vitamins that fuel your body. Blaze a trail with XS Energy Drinks! We’re also the FIRST exclusive sugar-free energy drink brand that is sold worldwide*



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BodyKey - Unlock A New You

Unlock your hidden fitnes potential with BodyKey by Nutrilite! 

Uniquely customisable to your lifestyle and personal fitness goals, the BodyKey system makes sustainable weight management possible.

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BodyKey Brandsite

Discover BodyKey by Nutrilite, the holistic weight management programme that's tailored to you. Easily integrated into your lifestyle, the BodyKey system can help you reach your fitness goals.

Ready manage your weight more effectively? Jom!

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XS Mixed Whey Protein With Chocolate Flavour

Muscle soreness is natural after exercising but it doesn’t have to be so painful.

Discover how the XS Mixed Whey Protein with Chocolate Flavour can help you recover faster after workouts and build healthy muscle mass!

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XS: Behind the Brand

Do you think work should be fun? 

The folks behind XS sure think so. In fact, the brand is known around the world for changing the way people look at owning their own business.

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