Learn about the BodyKey Weight Management App

Gain Good Health, Not Fats

The art of losing weight or fat relies heavily on the calories you consume VS the calories you burn. It also depends on your overall diet, exercise and possessing a healthy mindset. Leveraging on BodyKey, take advantage of its products, challenges and the app for a holistic weight management journey. In this article, we discuss the BodyKey app.

Tap into the App’s Potential

Perform simple workouts with the BodyKey app

It's easy to get carried away with external factors such as eating out and stressed about work during your weight management journey. As such, ease off the load of tracking your food consumption and staying true to your weight or fat loss goals with the BodyKey app (version 2.1).

The app provides info regarding:

  • Daily Steps
  • Body Fat percentage
  • Hours of Sleep
  • Food and Supplement Intake
  • Food and Exercise Advice
  • Missions (also known as activities/challenges that allow you to collect ‘Keys’)
  • Key Calendar – tracks the number of ‘Keys’ earnt from completing Mission
  • Highlights – provides news and information on BodyKey and Nutrilite

Calories Consumed vs Calories Burnt

Make it a habit to insert your food and supplement intake daily. By doing so, you will be able to calculate how much calories you have consumed in a day versus how much calories you have burnt via exercises and body analysis. This also serves as a reminder to watch what you’re eating and prevent overindulgence! 

Use the Coach Function

The BodyKey app has a coaching function

The app has a Coach function that enables tracking, monitoring and recording the progress of your downlines or customers. This option is designed to support you as a mentor to coach your downlines and/or members by monitoring their progress throughout their weight management journey.

So, try the app today and unlock a new you on this BodyKey weight management journey! The BodyKey app (version 2.1) is FREE to download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.