Is Your Child Getting Enough DHA?

Every parent wants the best for their children. We want them to grow strong, healthy, and intelligent so that they can achieve their dreams. That’s why we make sure they go to good schools, enrol them in extracurricular activities, and make sure they eat healthy foods. But how much do we know about nutrition and it affects their development?

In fact, one common and necessary nutrient that is often forgotten is DHA.

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which is extremely essential for our wellbeing but cannot be synthesized by the body. This important nutrient can only be obtained through one’s diet.

DHA is important for brain development

Why is DHA necessary?

Fats constitute about 60% of the brain and nerves that regulate every system in the body. DHA is the main component of brain tissue so it is indispensable for optimal functioning of the brain and eyes.

During the peak developmental years in young children, the brain grows very rapidly, so it is important to ensure enough DHA is provided so that the child can have better mental processing and psychomotor development.

Furthermore, low levels of DHA in children have been correlated to increased risk of poor neural development and specific behavioural and learning problems such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and underperformance in reading.

So, it’s necessary for your child to eat a healthy diet rich in good fats and fatty acid. Additionally, as DHA is predominantly found in fish and seafood, your child should eat a meal with fish at least twice a week for better development.

Is That Enough DHA For My Child?

Unfortunately, no. Surveys have found that a large number of children suffer from DHA deficiency due to Western diets or just being fussy eaters. Also, some parents may be cautious of giving their children a lot of fish in their diet due to concerns of mercury and heavy metal contamination.

That’s why DHA supplements for kids have been advocated by many experts as a preventive and remedial measure. This supports intelligence, a better attention span, and decreases odds of developing respiratory infections and allergies in children.

DHA is known to improve eyesight in children

It also has a huge impact on development of hand-eye coordination and enhances learning and memory power. Among other stellar qualities, it also invigorates eye tissues and maintains healthy eyes for better visual development.

This powerhouse of a supplement, rightly called “Brain Food”, is a must for children in their developing years.

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