6 Superstar Cleaners Your Need in Your Home Today

Breaking the Chore Chain

Mopping the floor, washing the bathroom, and cleaning the windows, if the thought of these tasks leaves you feeling miserable — you’re not alone.

Even though most of us find home cleaning a tedious chore, maintaining cleanliness in your home makes it a safer and peaceful place to be in.

However, with our busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, keeping your house clean can seem quite overwhelming. As a result, this important task often takes a backseat, especially if your cleaning methods take a lot of effort.

Fortunately, with these cleaning products from Amway, your goal of spring cleaning your home and getting it neat and tidy is quick and enjoyable without using much elbow grease on your part.

Here are some cleaning superstars you need to stock up on in your home:

    Amway Floor Shine Floor Cleaner

  1. Floor Shine Floor Cleaner
    Enjoy spotless and ultra-clean floors with this floor cleaner’s unique formula that is specially created to effectively cut through layers of dirt and grease. Whether it’s cleaning under the bed, in nooks and crannies in the kitchen, or even the bathroom, this floor cleaner uses Triclosan to remove germs and bacteria from your floors. What’s more, it’s certified environmentally friendly, with no harsh chemicals that can harm you and your family. Use it on marble, granite, parquet, cement, tiles, mosaic, and other water-safe surfaces, to restore shine while repelling dirt and dust with a refreshing scent.

  2. Amway LOC Multi Purpose Cleaner

  3. L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner
    A little goes a long way with this great multitasker in your cleaning arsenal. Being so versatile it works great for all surfaces including tile, wood, vinyl, stone, linoleum, and ceramic surfaces, as it leaves surfaces shiny and residue-free without being abrasive. Having been dermatologically and allergy-tested, this cleaner is safe for everyday use with a neutral pH and without unpleasant ingredients like phosphate and chlorine.

  4. Amway LOC Kitchen Cleaner

  5. L.O.C. Kitchen Cleaner
    Whisk away heavy grease and grime easily with the LOC Kitchen Cleaner. It’s new ingenious formula cuts through smudges, spots, and oily stains without suffocating, noxious odours. Using only safe chemicals, this cleaner lifts off dirt and impurities with ease, leaving your kitchen sparkling clean. Save time and effort and stay on top of your cleaning schedule.

  6. Amway LOC Glass Cleaner

  7. L.O.C. Glass Cleaner
    This fantastic ammonia-free product safely cleans virtually any glass surface to a streak-free brilliant shine for a crystal-clear view. Convenient and safe to use, it is formulated with the special BIOQUEST Formula with highly active, bio-based ingredients from natural resources such as coconut, citrus fruits and minerals. It is environmentally friendly, phosphate-free, free of harsh acids and alkali so you can use it with peace of mind.

  8. Amway LOC SoftCleanser

  9. L.O.C. Soft Cleanser
    This rich and creamy formula is specially kind on your ceramic surfaces but tough on stains. It handles tough spots and stubborn stains without scratching your ceramics, so you use it with confidence.

  10. Amway PURSUE Disinfectant Cleaner One Step

  11. PURSUE Disinfectant Cleaner One Step
    Upkeep your bathroom hygiene and guard your family’s health with this 2-in-1 hardworking powerhouse that disinfects, deodourises, and controls mildew and mold effectively in one application. Its no-rinse formula without needing to scrub, rinse, or wipe afterwards. So enjoy a germ-free environment for your loved ones with this super cleaner that safeguards your home.